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Your investment in our vision and mission could have a far-reaching effect on understanding what is happening in your surrounding airspace as it relates to privacy and security and beyond.

Arkenets Impact

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Our Investors know that drone technology is challenging the way we look at privacy and security and understand that it has become a 3D problem that requires a 3D solution.


Our Investors

Point Road Solutions is a Venture Technology group that works with researchers and academics at leading universities and research institutes in developing technology and bringing it to market. As a Venture Technology group, Point Road Solutions owns the commercial rights to several leading cutting-edge technologies. Point Road Solutions works with technologies that will better the human experience as it relates to the environmental changes and the interactions with the ecological systems.

In addition, Arkenets has attracted a $6.5MM initial investment from private anonymous backers who are concerned about privacy & security.

Your investment in our future is towards a safer and more secure world - learn how you can be part of our journey.


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