Personal Privacy & Security

When it comes to protecting you and your family, the Arkenets 3D Spatial System can help meet your specific personal privacy & security challenges in the age of drones.



Privacy and security are important issues for Executives, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Very Important People (VIPs) who have security needs that are more advanced than most people. Executives, HNWI’s and VIPs are logical targets for residence theft, physical harm or abduction, and/or blackmail. Knowing what is in their 3D space can be used to protect against inappropriate aerial photographs of a home or compound or invading private time with family and friends.
The Arkenets 3D Spatial System offers mobile and stationary options in keeping your home, workplace and places frequented private and secure in the fight against invasion of privacy for Executives, High Net Worth Individuals and VIPs.

Power and Reach

Arkenets 3D Spatial System

When it comes to Privacy and Security the Arkenets 3D Spatial System protects against objects that are flying in your air space.This is called the 3D or the third dimension.Historically, prior to the advent of drones, privacy and security protection systems where only two dimensional or 2D.the 3D Spatial System bridges the gap, augments 2D security systems and adds a critical 3D component.Keeping you and your family’s privacy and security intact.

  • Multiple Nodes & Sensors
  • Scalable plug-N-play Expandable Solution
  • Low Cost
  • Providing Actionable Data in all Weather

Power and Reach

What the Arkenets 3D Spatial System does for you

  • Detects, Tracks & Identifies Drones
  • Locates Drone Pilots
  • Issues Security Alerts
  • Collects Evidence

Power and Reach

How does the Arkenets 3D Spatial System do this?

The Arkenets 3D Spatial System allows for better management of what is flying through your “airspace” as it relates to birds and drones.The 3D Spatial System can also enhance current 2D security systems and bring a 3D aspect that provides more definitive information.

  • 24/7 Data collection
  • Metis System Identification AI analytics
  • Alerts via email, text, phone
  • Records Data
  • Report Summaries
  • Integrates with Current Systems



The Arkenets 3D Spatial System provides the understanding of what is flying through your “airspace,” allowing you to better mitigate your privacy and security concerns.

Explore the power and reach of the Arkenets 3D Spatial Identification Network (3D SPIN) and learn how we can help you secure your airspace from drones and other intruding objects.


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