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As airport safety and security is a top-of-mind, global concern, the Arkenets 3D Spatial System provides reliable drone detection and defense mechanism to manage the evolving skies and for smooth airport operations.



According a yearly Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA report, the number of cases where drones fly dangerously close to airports and aircraft is increasing. This increase of unauthorized drone activity in airport airspace drastically increases the potential danger of collision with an aircraft. Due to this fact, it is now imperative to have a reliable drone detection and defense system installed.

The Arkenets 3D Spatial System can be installed as a stationary unit for 24/7 surveillance. All drone incidents are automatically detected and mitigated, thereby eliminating dangerous collisions.

Power and Reach

The Arkenets 3D Spatial System

Airport runways are highly managed environments.Knowing where planes are and where they need to be in space and time is important to an efficient and safe runway operation.Bird and drone incursions into airport airspace stop everything.Knowing where birds and drones are is important to keeping airport runway operations safe and efficient.

  • Multiple Nodes & Sensors
  • Scalable plug-N-play Expandable Solution
  • Low Cost
  • Providing Actionable Data in all Weather

Power and Reach

What the Arkenets 3D Spatial System does for you

  • Detects, Tracks & Identifies Drones
  • Locates Drone Pilots
  • Issues Security Alerts
  • Collects Evidence

Power and Reach

How does the Arkenets 3D Spatial System do this?

The Arkenets 3D Spatial System allows for better management of what is flying through your “airspace” as it relates to birds and drones.The 3D Spatial System enhances current 2D security systems and bring a 3D aspect that provides more definitive information.

  • 24/7 Data collection
  • Metis System Identification AI analytics
  • Alerts via email, text, phone
  • Records Data
  • Report Summaries
  • Integrates with Current Systems



The Arkenets 3D Spatial System allows for better management of an airport for bird encroachment and migration issues as well as provide a safer operations environment that drives greater efficiency resulting in better customer service and operational savings.

Explore the power and reach of the Arkenets 3D Spatial Identification Network (3D SPIN) and learn how we can help you secure your airspace from drones and other intruding objects.


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