Our Mission

To deliver next-gen, 3D Spatial high-resolution sensor technology with advanced machine learning algorithms into the real world to solve real problems in real time and at scale – to enhance 2D security data and provide 3D spatial data.We are focused on individual privacy & security, public security at facilities, airports, infrastructure to complex urban and indoor building.

a little bit about us

Who We Are

A team of curious, creative, forward-thinking, problem-solving, and results-oriented individuals who have traversed the different verticals, skillsets, and experience to form Arkenets.

We have worked on mission critical applications for the U.S. government and defense industry. We have created innovative products for military, industrial, and consumer markets. We have worked with globally dispersed organizations in engineering, sales and marketing, and management roles with outstanding results. We have leveraged bleeding-edge technologies to make a real, tangible impact. In particular, we have a successful history of designing tough, military-grade devices at consumer price points and are among the world’s leading authorities on novel applications of artificial intelligence, systems, engineering, and radar physics.

Founding Story

Our History

In 2018, Doctors Andrew Bennett and Krzysztof Orzel were asked to solve a problem.

The company Arkenets was forged in a cauldron of hot lava; solving the problem of how to sample gases at the active Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii. The problem was how to sample gases from inside the crater and as close to the vent of the volcano as possible while navigating through the ash cloud safely. The solution was a small, self-configuring radar that could be dropped on the ground and left behind. This radar could see the drone as it navigated the ash cloud, crater walls, and allow a sample to be taken as closely as possible to the volcano’s vent. The solution had to be small enough to carry without effort, low-cost to comply with a measly graduate research budget and self-configurable to allow the radars to deployed quickly to get real-time reports and to guide the drone to the perfect spot to sample.

The by-product of this problem produced a low powered, low-cost, networkable radar node that can distinguish between birds, drones, and other man-made and natural objects and living things.


Meaning of Arkenets

The company was named Arkenets after Arke, the twin sister of Iris. Iris is known as the rainbow goddess, and Arke was goddess of the occasionally seen fainter, second rainbow. Arke represents that minor rainbow and to us represents the “radar under the radar.” Whereas, “nets” represents the networkable capability of our system – Arkenets – networked radar under the radar!

Drew Bennett

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Arkenets

Eric Kirleis

Chief Operations Officer of Arkenets

Krzysztof Orzel

CTO and Co-Founder of Arkenets

Experience that Counts

Our Team

We are a small team of seasoned professionals that is dedicated to realizing the power of low-cost, networked spatial sensing technology to transform lives.

Experience that Counts

Advisory Board

George Rockwell


Joe Esposito


Scott Harris


Wes Davis